Heisei Shiatsu Therapy Explained | Thumbs Based Acupressure

Published: Mar 5, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Heisei Shiatsu Therapy Explained | Thumbs Based Acupressure

Heisei Shiatsu was developed by Fernando Cabo and is based on i.e. influenced by Namikoshi Shiatsu and Keiraku Shiatsu, but focuses more on the quality of acupressure applied than on the exact location of Acupressure Points or of the Energy Pathways i.e. Meridians.

The Japanese word Heisei translates to “peace everywhere,” “serene,” “tranquil”, and “calm,” among other equivalents. The name Heisei Shiatsu was chosen to emphasize the peace of mind and relaxation that are overall aims of Shiatsu therapy.

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The main tool used in Heisei Shiatsu is the thumb, the use of which covers about eighty percent of a treatment session. Moreover, the thumbs are typically used as a unit, that is, next to each other while giving pressure on a body part of the receiver.

The idea behind principally using the thumbs is that they are considered very sensitive to the state of muscles and tissues, much more sensitive than many other parts of the body, such as the palms of the hands. As such, we can more accurately change pressure according to what is needed. The thumbs are also a good tool to diagnose, besides of being a very precise tool.

In Heisei Shiatsu, it is thought that the most effective pressure should be as deep as possible — that is, for a particular receiver — but still entirely painless. As such it is a gentle massage, but not in the sense of light pressure.

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