Energy Release while Doing Thai Massage

Published | Updated April 18, 2019

At first I didn’t believe it. Thought it was just bull. Crap.

You see, I once had this Thai Massage course in Chiang Mai, where a teacher explained to the group that “release” comes with red skin and heat. As I am the skeptical type, I was merely like: “Okay, if you rub long enough, the skin becomes red and hot, doesn’t it?” And that was it to me. Said and done.

But in the past two months, I had four clients showing these “symptoms” while working on some “knots.” Two clients showed this around both the scapulae, one client in the left neck and left trapezius muscle area, and the other client on the lower neck area and the whole spine top to bottom. I can not deny it anymore—heat and red!

Release. I saw it, I felt it, and I experienced the emotional reactions of the clients. Intense release.

I suppose it’s some kind of “blocked energy” that flows away—to the surface. Out of the body. Trapped energy-surplus which materializes on the skin. A temporary overload of the area where release manifests.

But it doesn’t always happen this way. I see release often accompanied with other expressions—crying, shaking, trembling, sighing, or just total muscle and nerve relaxation. Or being very cold. Or calm. Peace.

Well, I can only add this to the story—it seems that the lady teacher in the course was right after all.

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