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Published: Dec 30, 2021 | Revised: Feb 9, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Mother massaging baby

The Butterfly Touch Massage was created by Dr. Eva Reich — the daughter of the famous doctor Wilhelm Reich — and is part of her much broader life work called Gentle Bio-Energetics.

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Although originally developed for premature born babies, and as such an Infant or Baby Massage, the Butterfly Touch Massage is now also used for children and adults.

It’s a massage modality intended to achieve trauma and stress-relief alongside deep relaxation, while at the same time being of a vitalizing and invigorating quality for the receiver. Dr. Eva Reich noticed that babies, while receiving this massage, responded positively, quickly coming out of the birth shock and afterbirth treatment.

The name Butterfly Massage is an allusion to transformation i.e. metamorphosis (from caterpillar to butterfly), but also the way one would handle a butterfly without damaging it. It also reminds of the light, fluttering movements of a butterfly.

The massage itself consists of very gentle, light touch massage (using the hands and fingers) and gentle repetitive, stroking movements to increase Life Energy circulation and to release tension. The treatment can be given fully clothed, or with a bit of massage oil on the (partially) unclothed body.

Some benefits of the Butterfly Touch Massage are:

  • Promotes bonding between parent and child;
  • Builds sensory and body awareness of the baby;
  • Develops emotional regulation;
  • Restores energy and revitalizes;
  • Relaxes and de-traumatize;
  • Develops playfulness;
  • Relieves stress and anxiety;
  • Alleviates intestinal cramps and colic;
  • Promotes better sleep.

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