Baby Yoga Classes and Exercises | Infant Yoga

Published: Dec 11, 2021 | Revised: Mar 7, 2022
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Baby Yoga Classes and Exercises | Infant Yoga

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Baby Yoga training sounds perhaps a bit awkward, but then again, it really exists. Surely a baby cannot do Yoga by itself, so naturally a Baby Yoga class is in fact an adult Yoga class where the parent applies gentle assisted Yoga exercises and stretches on his or her baby.

The baby typically lies on a blanket in front of the parent while the parent (under guidance of a Baby Yoga teacher) applies upper body stretches, gluteus strengthening, squats, lunges, abdominal exercises on the baby, and so on. Sometimes a Baby Yoga class also includes restorative Yoga poses and sequences for the new mother.

In any case, during a session (or “class”) the baby is placed in a variety of “Yogic” positions giving it quite some physical stimulation, which again helps to induce better sleep quality for the baby. A session can also be of help to alleviate the baby’s stomach and intestines troubles.

As a whole, a Baby Yoga class is also a moment to build increased bonding between parent and child, which is good for both the baby’s and the parent’s emotional wellbeing.

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