African Vunkuwa Massage

Published: Feb 7, 2021 | Updated: Apr 13, 2021

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African Vunkuwa Massage

The African Vunkuwa® Massage was brought to the West by Carol Mathebula, a woman from the Sotho tribe (Bantu ethnic group) in South Africa. Carol learnt the massage techniques from her great-grandmother, who also passed on to her knowledge of African medicinal herbs.

The massage is said to be part of the Vunkuwa Shamanic healing tradition, which, for instance, uses the analysis of breathing, and temperature and color of the auras of the body to detect areas of blockage and internal energy imbalances.

The Vunkuwa® Massage is a vigorous, complete full body massage treatment, which includes using oils and herbs from African medicinal plants.

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A variety of special techniques is applied, such as the Pulule, a fast style of rubbing across the length of the legs, Patanetsa pressure around the spinal region using fast kneading with the knuckles and elbows, and a special “spider touch” with the fingers spread far apart. The front side of the body is generally worked on with the same techniques and intensity.

The Vunkuwa Massage treatment further includes a body warm-up, manipulating body energy points, deep tissue work, rocking, percussion and vibration techniques, manipulation of the spinal cord, and energy balancing.

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