African Rainstick Massage | Rain Maker Treatment

Published: Mar 20, 2021 | Revised: Feb 17, 2023
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

African Rainstick Massage | Rain Maker Treatment

An African Rainstick Massage is a full body massage treatment modality applied with so-called Rainsticks (Rain Sticks, Rain Makers, or Rattle Sticks).

Rainsticks mimic the sound of falling rain and can help the receiver of the massage to come to a deeper state of relaxation during the session. Firmly rolling the stick over muscles and tendons also allows for deep, evenly applied pressure giving the benefits of a deep tissue massage, while sparing the hands and wrists of the massage therapist.

Typical benefits of Rainstick Massage for the receiver are deep relaxation, stress and anxiety relief, a better blood circulation, and the stimulation of lymphatic drainage.

The Rainstick

The Rainstick is a hollow tube, partially filled with small stones, pebbles or dry beans. Throughout the inside of the tube, small pins or thorns are stuck (suspended).

Alternately turning the stick up and down will make the contents fall to the other side of the stick. During the process of falling to the other end, the stones or beans bounce off the pins or thorns, making a sound of falling rain.

The Rainstick is used as a music instrument, as a tool or symbol in various sacred rituals and ceremonies, and indeed also to actually invoke rain. In South America, the Rain Maker is traditionally made from different species of cacti, but in Australia, Southeast Asia and in Africa it’s usually made from bamboo or other wood.

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