Tunisian Fouta Massage

Published: Mar 20, 2021 | Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Tunisian Fouta Massage
© Picture courtesy Hussein Alazaat

Tunisian Foutas are lightweight cotton towels or scarves. They are used as a towel to dry one self and wrap around the body after cleansing the skin. Foutas can be compared with Turkish towels and the so-called Hammam towels used in Morocco.

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As a massage modality, Fouta Massage involves using the Fouta by wrapping it tightly around the body, with the goal of gradually releasing muscle contractions and tensions. It’s also applied as a postpartum massage technique, which then consists of dynamic rocking movements and abdominal binding (belly wrap) applications. This reminds somewhat of the Rebozo Technique applied in Mesoamerican civilizations.

A Tunisian Fouta Massage treatment is typically combined with a Hammam Bath session and green clay body scrub.

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