Peloid Therapy | Using Mud, Clay, and Peat for Health Benefits

Published: Oct 2, 2023
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Peloid Therapy | Using Mud, Clay, and Peat for Health Benefits

Peloid is mud, clay, and/or peat harvested from lake, river, sea or volcanic environments (although sometimes also artificially cultivated), which is specially prepared to use in a therapeutic setting. As such, you’ll find many types and mixtures of peloids with different medicinal applications.

As a whole, peloid contains humus (decomposed leaves and other organic plant material) and an abundance of minerals, which — depending on the type of compounds — is thought to have specific health benefits.

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When applied as Peloid Therapy, the peloid is smeared or massaged onto the entire body, applied only on body parts (by using masks, packs, etc.), or one is immersed or wrapped in it.

As a rule, the peloid stays for a specific time on the body, before it’s rinsed off. The treatment is often used in combination with Balneotherapy.

Peloid Therapy treatments are used for a range of health conditions, such as rheumatic disorders, osteoarthritis, stress and anxiety, gynecological disorders, sciatica, muscular and joint pains, swellings, inflammations, skin problems, and trauma, among other health issues.

Additionally, peloids are widely used in the cosmetic industry as mask applications to exfoliate, hydrate, or rejuvenate the skin. You can learn more about this treatment and its benefits in our post about Mud Baths.

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