Ayahuasca, Flower Baths, and Cleansing Baths

Published: Feb 4, 2023 | Revised: Mar 11, 2023
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Ayahuasca, Flower Baths, and Cleansing Baths

In some Ayahuasca retreats, notably those held in Peru, you will be offered so-called flower baths, also called floral baths or flowering baths.

In South America, this type of bath is called Baño de Florecimiento, which literally translates as Flowering Bath or Flourishing Bath. They may also be called Baños Florales, and are often performed in conjunction with a Baño de Limpieza — a herbal Cleansing Bath.

The idea behind these baths is to aid in the Ayahuasca experience and the healing or transformation process by cleansing negative energies, thoughts, and emotions, while attracting good energies, good luck, wealth, and prosperity into one’s life.

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In a more general sense, these herbal baths are used to purify body and mind by using specific plants, herbs, and flowers.

Ritual cleansing baths and floral baths in the context of an Ayahuasca retreat may be taken before and/or after an Ayahuasca ceremony. It’s also thought that taking these baths after drinking Ayahuasca will bring down the effects of the brew.

The baths may involve immersing oneself in a bath tub filled with water and the beneficial plant ingredients and/or flowers. The Shaman or Curandero may then pour water over one’s head, while reciting, chanting or praying intentions for a successful transformation. The Shaman may also use the smoke of Mapacho Tobacco as an extra purifying aid.

Mind, however, that it depends on the retreat facilitator and local tradition how, when, where, and how often these baths are performed.

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