ZenThai Shiatsu Massage | Zen Shiatsu, Osteopathy, and Thai Massage

Published: Nov 2, 2021
Edited by: Team TB

ZenThai Shiatsu | Zen Shiatsu, Osteopathy, and Traditional Thai Massage

Zenthai Shiatsu was developed by Gwyn Williams (Australia) and draws from the traditional energetic based systems of Zen Shiatsu (the Shiatsu lineage of founder Shizuto Masunaga), Traditional Thai Massage, Mindfulness, and remediation techniques of Osteopathy.

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It’s a movement based therapy with the goal to deal with health issues of the musculoskeletal, digestive and nervous system. Common health conditions that are addressed with Zenthai Shiatsu are, for instance, lower back, neck, and shoulder pains, digestive complaints, joint mobilisation, energy depletion, and a weak immune system.

Through the years, ZenThai Shiatsu further developed, and today also integrates Yoga Asanas, functional movement, and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices in its sessions.

For more info about Zenthai Shiatsu, visit the Zenthai Healing Centre website. The center is based at the foot of Mt Ninderry, on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

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