Yu Fai Postpartum Heat Therapy Treatment Providers in Thailand

Published | Updated August 24, 2019

Yu Fai Postpartum Heat Therapy Treatment Providers in Thailand
Yu Fai postpartum practices in Thailand – also written Yoo Fai – are related to the concept of ‘regaining heat.’ To understand this, we need to know that traditionally – in many Asian countries – blood is considered a “hot” element, and subsequently when giving birth and loosing blood, the process is described as “cold.”

Thai postpartum activities during the confinement period (about six weeks) include ‘lying by fire,’ dietary restrictions, hot herbal compresses, massage, herbal steam and herbal bath treatments, abdominal binding, and other activities that prevent “heat loss,” like for instance keeping the body covered, sexual abstinence, and avoiding the wind.

The overall focus of Yu Fai is regaining normal functioning of the body, notably of the sexual and reproductive organs, increase well-being and promote energy, support wound healing and weight loss, and regaining beauty, that is – it’s likewise done for aesthetic reasons.

In this article, we take a look at Yu Fai treatment providers in Thailand that include heat therapies in their programs, notably herbal steam baths and treatments, hot clay pots with salt, herbal compresses, sauna tents, vaginal sitz baths, and the like.

Note that you can find Yu Fai treatments with both private healers and clinics or Thai hospitals with a Thai traditional medicine department or clinic attached to it.

In Thailand, you’ll also find therapists that focus specifically (sometimes exclusively) on certain therapeutic aspects with regard to the pregnancy or postpartum period, or more generally on sexual and genital dysfunctions. Not necessarily used only in the Yu Fai confinement period, they would typically use traditional healing modalities like for instance Thai Womblifting, Karsai Nei Tsang, Yok Tong, and Chi Nei Tsang, to name some of the best known treatments.

In any case, below you’ll find a selection of postnatal Yu Fai Heat Therapy treatment providers in Thailand.

Ayurved Clinic

The Ayurved Clinic is part of Center of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital (Mahidol University). The clini [Read More...]

Baan Hom Samunphrai

An established school located a bit outside of Chiang Mai city (Hang Quae) with on-site accommodation options. Offers Thai Abdominal Massage i.e. Chi N [Read More...]

Ban Sabai Resorts & Spa

Ban Sabai Resort and Spa is a full service Spa and Wellness center that additionally offers a broad variety of massage and bodywork training classes, S [Read More...]

Chiang Mai University – Faculty of Medicine

The Faculty of Medicine of the Chiang Mai University (CMU) has attached to it a Center of Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TTCM). Its main [Read More...]

Coran Boutique Spa

Coran Boutique Spa, with branches in Bangkok and Pattaya, offers a broad range of Spa-style beauty and massage treatment services, including a set of Y [Read More...]

Panthai Delivery

Panthai Delivery offers Thai Yu Fai Postpartum treatments in the Bangkok area. [Read More...]

Ruen Peeranun

Ruen offers post-partum heat therapy services (Yu Fai), consultancy, and teaches massage therapy, foot massage, aroma massage, and Yu Fai. [Read More...]

Sabai Corner Spa

Sabai Corner Spa offers a variety of short-term private and group courses for Thais and foreigners. The Spa also offers a wide range of treatment servi [Read More...]

Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital

The Siriraj Piyamaharajkarun Hospital is part of Center of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital (Mahidol Uni [Read More...]

Spa Mantra

Spa Mantra is a Thai Spa and Wellness center and a branch from the ITM Chiang Mai Thai Massage school. Connected to the Spa treatment center is a Thai [Read More...]

Spa Sirasom

The school offers Thai Massage, Thai Foot Massage, Postpartum care and massage, and Thai Oil Massage courses. Additionally, Western spa modality course [Read More...]

Vichaiyut Hospital

The Vichaiyut Hospital in Bangkok offers a wide range of medical services such as emergency services, child care, orthopedics, neurology, acupuncture, [Read More...]

Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School

The Watpo Thai Massage School in Bangkok, the name also spelled as Wat Pho or Wat Po, is without any doubt the most famous Thai Traditional Medicine in [Read More...]

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