What Is Marmapuncture? | Prana, Nadis, and Marma Points

Published: Dec 3, 2021
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What Is Marmapuncture? | Prana, Nadis, and Marma Points

Marmapuncture, also written separately as Marma Puncture, is about the therapeutic manipulation and treatment of Marma Points that lie along the Nadi Energy Channels. It could be considered the Ayurvedic method of Acupuncture.

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In Marmapuncture therapy, much depending on what needs to be treated, specific Marma Points are needled, massaged, heated and/or cupped for health benefits. The goal of the treatment is to restore the unobstructed flow of Prana Vital Life Energy and to influence proper functioning of internal organs.

Therapeutic benefits include calming, relaxing, invigorating, immune system enhancement, and promotion of our self-healing capacity, among others.

Marmapuncture can also alleviate or cure specific disorders, such as constipation, heartburn, colds and flu, hay fever, insomnia, headaches and migraines, skin disorders, low back pain, sciatica, neck and shoulder pains, oedema, fertility issues, and menopause problems, among other conditions.

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