Traditional Thai Midwifery Training and Courses in Bangkok

Published | Updated December 28, 2018

Thai Midwifery Training and Courses in Bangkok
Although the Thai Traditional Midwives practice itself is under threat to disappear from Thai society, preservation of Traditional Midwifery knowledge and practice has been established on governmental educational level.

Today, a number of universities (and some private training centers) provide adequate and thorough Traditional Midwifery courses and studies. Most programs take about 1 year of studies and are in many cases offered as part of a complete 4-year undergraduate study of Traditional Thai Medicine.

Prenatal and postnatal Thai Massage and Postpartum Care and Treatments (Yu Fai) are part of Thai Traditional Midwifery, but the midwifery practice consists of much more elements, such as meaning, scopes and importance of traditional midwifery, care during normal pregnancy and prenatal life of the baby, handling complications during pregnancy, and care of the newborn baby while using both Thai traditional and advanced (contemporary) medicine.

Below you’ll find an overview of the institutes and training centers that offer comprehensive Traditional Thai Midwifery training and courses in and around Bangkok.

Chetawan Health Center Salaya

The Chetawan Health Center in Salaya (Bangkok region) is part of the Wat Po medical Massage school and Chetawan group. The center offers long-stay, retreat like Thai Massage on-site therapy training a [Read More...]

Doctor Napa Traditional Thai Medicine

The school offers Thai Pharmacy 2 years, Thai medicine 3 years and a Thai Midwifery program of 1 year. [Read More...]

Mahidol University | Siriraj Hospital

The Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University runs a Center of Applied Thai Traditional Medicine (and a 4-year Bachelor program) and is an educational institution in the field of applied [Read More...]

Phatthavee Siam School

The school offers extensive academic training programs for Thai Midwifery, Thai Pharmacy and Thai Massage. [Read More...]

Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University

The university offers a Bachelor, Master, and PhD program in Applied Thai Traditional Medicine. [Read More...]

Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University

The university offers a Bachelor and Master program of Thai Traditional Medicine or Applied Traditional Thai Medicine. Programs are part of the Faculty of health Sciences. [Read More...]

Thai Massage & Spa Academy

The Thai massage school and TARALA spa in Bangkok offer a wealth of both Thai and Western bodywork and massage training course modalities. [Read More...]

Thammasat University

The Thammasat University offer about 240 courses of study in the disciplines of social sciences, humanities, science & technology and health sciences. We’ve also added the website of the Chu [Read More...]

The Association of Ayurvedic Medicine of Thailand

The Ayurvedic Association of Thailand was established in 1952 and is one of the earliest associations in Thailand to preserve and transfer the art and science of traditional Thai medicine. The associa [Read More...]

Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical and Massage School

The Watpo Thai Massage School in Bangkok, the name also spelled as Wat Pho or Wat Po, is without any doubt the most famous Thai Traditional Medicine institute in the world. The school is closely conne [Read More...]

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