Growing Stronger Muscles by Giving Thai Massage

Published: Feb 10, 2022 | Updated: Sep 9, 2023
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Growing Stronger by Giving Thai Massage

Giving a genuine Thai Massage session can be quite a physical exercise for both receiver and therapist. And in the long run it definitely means physical changes for Thai Massage practitioners — they become fitter, stronger, and more flexible.

The most obvious change is the fact that Thai Massage therapists who regularly give sessions simply build more muscles and force. They get more power — in the thumbs, hands, arms, feet, legs, the belly, the back, the chest, the shoulders.

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I think it’s a bit strange that some Thai Massage teachers claim that one doesn’t need much power at all — “… with proper body mechanics, for instance by using your body-weight,” they say “… one can do the job.” Well, certainly there’s truth to this, but using appropriate body mechanics is just one part of the story.

Because look, if you give a session to a 100 kilograms guy and you want to do a particular technique to lift him, well, I assure you, besides proper technique you do need strength. And, of course, teachers of the proper-body-mechanics-school would immediately object by saying: “… then don’t use this technique, use another one which gives the same result, but doesn’t involve lifting.

Yes, true, I agree, to some degree. But you know, I want to use this particular technique, because another one, although almost similar, will never give me the exact same result. So I, from the get-a-stronger-body-school say “… you also just need to grow more power.

I think it’s something often a bit underestimated. Not fully recognized. Not often taught. And growing stronger comes with a price. It’s like doing professional rugby, or playing professional soccer or any professional sport for that matter — one needs proper techniques, proper body mechanics, proper ergonomics, but also power!

Strength! Growing power. The body changes. Undeniable.

It also means one needs to change one’s lifestyle — eating differently, living healthier, taking enough rest and recovery time, doing exercises or side-sports, say physical activities to counterbalance repetitive movements.

Being a serious Thai Massage practitioner means living it. But it’s not a sacrifice, it’s no punishment — it all comes natural if one loves the job.

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