Thai Infant Massage | Techniques, Aims, and Health Benefits

Published: Feb 11, 2022 | Revised: Dec 23, 2023
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Thai Infant Massage | Aims and Health Benefits

Thai Baby Massage is a regular but gentle Thai Massage adapted for infants. It can be a clothed or unclothed massage, and with or without the use of massage creams or oils. If oils are used, the most common type of oil applied in Thailand is Coconut oil.

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Thai Massage for babies focuses on giving acupressure to special pressure points along the baby’s Sen Energy Lines to unblock and stimulate the flow of Vital Life Energy, which — in Thailand — is called Lom Pran.

The uninhibited flow of Lom Pran through the body is believed to be beneficial for overall health and wellbeing, additionally preventing or alleviating discomforts and illnesses. An Infant Massage also includes gentle joint mobilization and stretches.

Some of the claimed benefits include better blood circulation and digestion, better concentration, proper development of nerves, muscles, tendons and joints, better sleep patterns, prevention of malformations, reduction of crying and anxiety, speedy weight gain, strengthening of the immune system, and alleviation of gas problems and colic, among others.

Thai Baby Massage can start to be given soon after the baby is born, and is given regularly up to about five years old. Typically, infant massages have a short duration — between ten and twenty minutes. When the child is older, a massage session becomes more like a Pediatric Massage for young children, to finally transform into a complete traditional Thai Massage such as given to adults, which can take between one and four hours depending on the goal, style, lineage, or type of Thai Massage.

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