Testicle Pumping – Aim, Technique, and Risks

Published: Dec 21, 2023 | Revised: Jan 21, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Testicle Pumping - Aim, Technique, and Risks

Testicle Pumping or Ball Pumping — not to be confused with Testicle Stretching — is a technique used with an aim of increasing both the scrotum and testicle size. Usually it’s applied for temporary effects of arousal and aesthetics, but some men may use it for structural enlargement of the area.

It works by using a pump-suction device around the testicles to apply a vacuum pull to the scrotum, which sucks body fluids into the scrotal sack, internal tissues, and testicles.

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The immediate result is that the scrotal pouch and the testicles swell to a larger size. It’s doubtful though that this technique works to permanently expand the scrotum or testicles size. Typically, the size of scrotum and testicles will go back to normal proportions within twenty-four to forty-eight hours.

Nevertheless, some men use Testicle Pumping in conjunction with other scrotum enlargement techniques, which thus includes a regular “pumping plan.”

It goes perhaps without saying that vacuum pumping the scrotum should be done with care and not to the extremes. The latter could cause serious damage to scrotal and/or testicular tissues. “Less is more” in this case and it’s advised to start slowly and meticulously follow the safety instructions that come with the type of pump you purchased.

There are various types of mechanical and electric pumps available on the market, in different sizes, some of which are only for the testicles or alternatively the penis, and others can combine pumping both the penis and balls together.

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