Testicle Lifting Exercises | Technique and Health Benefits

Published: Dec 9, 2023 | Revised: Feb 17, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Testicle Lifting Exercises | Technique and Health Benefits

Testicle Lifting exercises are typically done to increase testicular health. Yet, another thought behind Testicle Lifting is that it will give stronger orgasms, that is, it’s believed that the flow of semen through the appropriate tracts will be firmer on ejaculation.

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The lifting exercises can be done lying down, standing or sitting, clothed (loose-fitting) or unclothed, and in a warm environment, with the (warmed-up) scrotum hanging freely. In fact, these exercises typically involve working with the pelvic floor muscles.

When you train the pelvic floor muscles — such as in Kegel Exercises — you contract those muscles (these muscles are best identified when you try to hold your pee) which also slightly lifts the testicles and scrotum upwards.

You can repeat these contractions several times in a session. Variations to do these “Testicle Lifting” exercises are to contract and release immediately, or — alternatively — to contract, hold for a few seconds (while holding the breath or by breathing several times in and out) and then release.

Some men do this exercise by using weights around the testicles (actually around the scrotum pouch) to make the exercise more challenging with the idea to make the area even stronger.

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