List of Reiki Training Courses and Treatments on Koh Phangan Island | Thailand

Published | Updated February 27, 2019

Reiki Training Courses and Treatments on Koh Phangan Island | Thailand
Reiki is a popular form of alternative medicine developed in Japan around 1922. Usually, Reiki practitioners use palm-healing or hands-on healing through which “universal energy” is said to be channeled to the receiver with the aim to support spiritual, emotional and/or physical healing. Some Reiki practitioners also heal-on-distance.

Koh Phangan island in Thailand (also written Ko Pha-ngan), is like Chiang Mai (Thailand), Bali (Indonesia), Auroville, Rishikesh, and Goa (India) one of these hot-spots in Asia when it comes to treatments, exchange, and training for alternative and complementary healing modalities and traditions.

Reiki is very present on the island, and in this article we list the Reiki centers and practitioners we have found that offer Reiki courses on Koh Phangan.

Reiki training is usually offered in 4 levels of education: Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 (self-healing, healing others, and advanced training), Reiki Master training and Reiki Teacher Training courses.

Anahata Yoga Shala

Anahata Yoga Shala on Koh Phanghan offers a range of Yoga styles, such as Hatha, Vinyasa, Tantra. Provides Classes and Yoga Teacher training programs. [Read More...]

Home of Healing Arts Koh Phangan

The place offers a variety of courses like Thai Massage, Acupressure Therapy, Reiki, and Crystal Healing. [Read More...]

Kamala Healing Center

Kamala Healing Center on Koh Phangan offers a variety of treatments such as Chakra balancing, Yoga, Reiki, Hot Stones, and more. Additionally, the cen [Read More...]

La Casa Shambala

La Casa Shambala on Koh Phangan offers Yoga teacher trainings, healing treatments, workshops, and retreats with a strong focus on physical, emotional [Read More...]

Nancy Huettig

Nancy Huettig, based on Koh Phangan, is a Wholistic Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, and Ayurvedic practitioner. [Read More...]

Orion Healing Center

Orion Healing Center on Koh Phangan offers detox programs, Healthy Food, Lifestyle programs and Yoga (and Yoga teacher training), Reiki courses, and o [Read More...]

Reiki Alchemy

Reiki Alchemy from Taryn Walker offers Reiki treatments and training courses on Koh Phangan. Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master trainings offered. Tary [Read More...]

Samma Karuna

Samma Karuna is an international school of self-realization and spiritual awakening. Regular programs include Thai Massage workshops, Social, Active & [Read More...]

Siam Healing Centre

The Siam Healing Centre offers Thai Massage courses and treatments, regular Yoga classes and accommodation. [Read More...]

The Yoga House

The Yoga House offers a space for hosting retreats, workshops and special events. Regularly offers Yoga retreats, tantra courses, meditation courses, [Read More...]

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