Payaswini Nadi – Location, Pathway, and Function

Published: Aug 1, 2023 | Revised: Jan 21, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Payaswini Nadi | Location, Pathway, and Map

Payaswini Nadi is classified as one of the fourteen fundamental Yoga Nadis and is also written Payasvini Nadi or encountered as Hamsini Nadi.

In general, the classical Yoga texts seem to agree that Payasvini Nadi has its starting point in the Kanda and its termination point located in the right ear, basically just like Pusha Nadi.

The texts also suggest that Payasvini has a trajectory rather at the right side of the body, while also having an extension or branch extending downwards to the right leg. As such, it’s often thought that Payasvini is a supporting Nadi for Pingala Nadi.

Trajectory and Locations of Payaswini Nadi

Payasvini Nadi - Trajectory
Tentative Chart for Payaswini Nadi

Do mind that the chart above is tentative in so far it regards the extension down the right leg and the branches farther to the right toes.

Below then an overview of the descriptions we’ve found in the classical scriptures that mention the trajectory and/or ending points of Payaswini Nadi:

  • Payaswini goes to the right ear (Darshana Upanishad);
  • Payasvini goes to right ear (Shandilya Upanishad);
  • Between Pusa and Sarasvati is Payasvini (Shandilya Upanishad);
  • Payaswini is between Pusha and Sarasvati and extends up to the right ear (Yoga Yajnavalkya);
  • Payasvini is on the right side up to the ear (Vasistha Samhita);
  • Payasvini stays between Pusha and Sarasvati (Vasistha Samhita);
  • Hail to Payasvini, Prakasananda Natha, on the right ear (Bhavana Upanishad);
  • Payasvini causes hunger and thirst (Hatha Tattva Kaumudi);
  • Hail to the right leg, Payasvini, the Sakti crushing all (Bhavana Upanishad).

Function of Payaswini Nadi

It’s commonly asserted that Payaswini Nadi would be complementary to Pingala Nadi. Maybe it’s an extension or branch of Pingala.

At any rate, it’s not becoming very clear from the scriptures what exactly the function of this Nadi is, set aside maybe its ending in the right ear, which, just like Pusha Nadi would support the auditory function.

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