Malaysian Urut Bersalin Postnatal Massage

Published | Updated February 29, 2020
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Malaysian Urut Bersalin Postnatal Massage
Malay Urut Bersalin (Urut Selepas Bersalin) is translated as ‘Massage after Childbirth’ or ‘Postnatal Massage.’ Sometimes it’s also named Malay Pantang Postnatal Massage.

The Treatment

The treatment itself is a deep tissue and therapeutic body massage given by an experienced postnatal therapist, confinement specialist or masseuse. Its primary focus is to help restoring the woman’s body back to its pre-pregnancy condition.

The traditional Urut Bersalin postnatal massage includes breast massage to stimulate milk production. New mothers who have their babies in Malay hospitals with a complementary care unit can usually receive the Malay traditional postnatal massage as part of overall midwifery care. Traditionally, Malay women who have just given birth receive this massage for at least three consecutive days, and if possible, longer.

Traditional Malay Confinement Period

In general, the traditional Malay Postpartum period or Confinement period lasts about six weeks wherein a variety of treatments are applied, such as Tungku (Hot Stone Therapy), Param, Pilis, Tapel, Bengkung (Abdominal Binding), Sengkak Womb Massage, Tangas Vaginal Steam, Herbal Baths, Pantang Food (diets and restrictions), Lulur Body Scrubs, Breast Lactation and Engorgement Massage, and Head and Scalp Massage.

Asian traditional practices of postpartum care aim to restore the balance in the body elements earth, water, wind and fire. The goal is to restore normal functioning of the woman’s sexuality and reproductive organs, increase well-being and energy of mothers, promote wound healing, weight loss and aesthetic recuperation.

In Southeast Asia, giving birth is a period that is considered ‘cold,’ thus, proper care is given, that is, ‘heat therapies’ to balance this out. Traditional postpartum care practices are practiced during the whole confinement period which lasts about 42 days.

Supposed Benefits

The benefits of traditional Urut Bersalin postpartum massage are believed to be:

  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • expelling lochia (vaginal discharge after giving birth);
  • lifting the womb and keep it from sagging;
  • breaking down fat;
  • removing excess fluids;
  • reducing swelling;
  • promoting stress reduction and relaxation;
  • toning and shaping the body;
  • promoting overall recovery from labor and birth;
  • protecting against postpartum depression.
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