Limits with Thai Massage

Published | Updated November 25, 2018
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When we encounter the limits and limitations of Thai Massage, we can’t help but stare in the abyss of ourselves. We try to reach down, but there’s nothing to grab. Nothing to get and nothing to see.

It brings us to the limits of what we can do for other people. The limits of our healing powers. We start to understand that we don’t understand. That we do know a bit, but this bit gradually becomes knowing nothing in the vast field of what we don’t know.

We can and should work with people, but it’s finally the work they do themselves which brings about a healing process—or not.

We, as practitioners, are limited and it’s the load of failure transformed into guilt and responsibility, which can make us very ill. It’s however important not to be too hard on ourselves. It’s much better for our own health to realize and accept that we are but humble creatures and at best— obedient servants of life and nature.

We can of course try to bring about the optimal surroundings, environment and circumstances for a given living being in order to grow and flourish. But it’s life that grows, flourishes, changes and develops herself, in herself, through herself and from out herself.

Because of this we can only give our utmost and humble efforts and—pray for grace. For it’s only life which gives and it’s life which takes.

It’s life which puts her spell and life which spreads her blessings.

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