Kud Thong | Thai Traditional Massage During Childbirth

Published | Updated May 3, 2020
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Kud Thong | Thai Traditional Childbirth Massage
Kud Thong Massage is a specific type of traditional Thai Massage applied by traditional midwives for pregnant women, but generally not before the 28th week of the pregnancy. It is believed that doing this kind of massage can cause an abortion if done earlier.

Kud Thong shouldn’t be confused with the more general and relaxing Thai Massage during pregnancy which is typically given between the third and eight month, having another aim.

Kud Thong is a style of massage that combines techniques from Royal Thai Massage (Nuad Rajasamnak) and Folk Massage (Nuad Chaloeisak). The goal is to soothe tension in the womb, help to position the baby better, help the baby to move more freely, reduce pressure on the urinary system, and prepare and relax the future mother for an unchallenging labor (delivery) process.

Furthermore, the massage also aims at improving blood circulation, reducing back pain, and stimulating lymphatic circulation to decrease oedema (the medical term for fluid retention in the body) during the last phase of the pregnancy period.

If the pregnancy is overdue (longer than 42 weeks) or during the actual process of childbirth, Thai therapists may apply certain reflexology pressure points on the feet to stimulate delivery or make use of hot herbal compresses. In any case, foot massage and reflexology is generally not applied in the pregnancy period as it’s believed to may cause an abortion.

Sessions are done two to three times per week until the end of the pregnancy, that is, including the moment of actual childbirth and delivery.

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