Jap Sen Nerve Touch Thai Massage Courses in Thailand

Published | Updated February 11, 2019

Jap Sen Nerve Touch Thai Massage Courses in Thailand
The Jap Sen or Nerve Touch Massage style is a Thai Massage variety defined by “grasping or plucking the sen lines” and was founded by the late Lek Chaiya (Mama Lek) from Chiang Mai.

Jap Sen is a therapeutic style of Thai massage, mostly focusing on joint function, and aiming at increased range of motion, more flexibility and pain relief. Today, in Thailand, it’s foremost Jack Chaiya, the son of Mama Lek, who continues the Jap Sen lineage teaching it in his mother’s spirit and style.

It’s interesting to observe that there are only a few Thai Massage schools in Thailand offering Jap Sen as a separate course modality. May that be out of respect for Lek Chaiya or her son Jack, may it be for reasons I do not grasp completely.

Nevertheless, Jap Sen is most certainly applied during treatments and also taught rather frequently, but often merely as an additional technique within the Thai Massage tool set. In fact, it is taught together with techniques such as palming, thumbing, kneading, tapping, rubbing, and the like.

In that respect, it’s perhaps the highest honor possible given to both the Jap Sen modality and to Mama Lek—it seems that Jap Sen or Nerve Touch has been integrated, or perhaps rather assimilated within Traditional Thai Massage.

Below you’ll find the list of schools and teachers in Thailand that offer Jap Sen as an individual Thai Massage course modality.

Chiangmai Classic Art Thai Massage School (CCA)

The Chiangmai Classic Art Thai Massage School is a Thai Massage school in Chiang Mai (Thailand) for Japanese students. The website is in Japanese only. [Read More...]

CLS Massage School

The CLS Massage School is located in Chiang Mai, and profiles itself as a Thai Therapy and Thai Spa massage school. There is on-campus residential accommodatio [Read More...]

Jack Chaiya Thai Massage School

Jack Chaiya, a Thai Massage therapist and teacher from Chiang Mai, is the son of the late Lek Chaiya. “Mama Lek” was a well-known Thai Traditional M [Read More...]

NBS Chiang Mai

NBS Chiang Mai offers private one-on-one Thai Massage, Genital Massage and Jap Sen training. Associated with the Japan Traditional Thai Massage Association (TTM [Read More...]

Ong’s Thai Massage School

Ong’s massage school in Chiang Mai offers a broad diversity of courses with a duration generally from 1 up to 5 days. Training modalities range from Thai [Read More...]

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