Hoshino Therapy | Japanese Acupressure Massage

Published: May 6, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Hoshino Therapy | Japanese Acupressure Massage

Hoshino Therapy was developed and named after Tomezo Hoshino, a Japanese-born Acupuncturist from Argentina. It’s a massage and movement system to relieve and prevent musculoskeletal pain and restore vitality, health, and well-being.

One of the foundations is the recognition of 250 acupressure points, which are located on muscles, tendons, and ligaments and relate to the biomechanical functioning of the body.

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The massage therapist treats these selected acupressure points with manual pressure and hand-warmth in order to soften tissues and loosen-up afflicted areas, which brings oxygen to and removes accumulated wastes and toxins from the cells.

The pressure given to points differs from standard Shiatsu Therapy by applying pressure using the first joint of the thumb (and not with the first outer part or tip of the thumb) with full hand contact, which allows to firmly grasping the surrounding muscles with the rest of his hand.

Hoshino Therapy can be complemented by a range of daily exercises to do at home, which are called Hoshino Action. Additionally, the therapist may also give recommendations for lifestyle changes, such as, for instance, nutritional i.e. dietary advice.

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