Thai Massage: Hard or Soft? – Part 1

Published | Updated November 25, 2018
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Hard or Soft?

Hard or soft? Honestly, I never ask.

In fact, I think it’s a rather silly question. I don’t give “hard” or “soft” massages. I wouldn’t state it like that. I give tough massages, because Thai Yoga Massage as I practice it is… a tough thing. I will not toss and turn about it. It’s how it is.

Yet, there are of course differences between individual sessions. Although that’s more in a sense of how much somebody can handle. I would always go just to the limits—and passing them a little bit. But where and when these limits exactly are depends on the receiver.

In this respect one could say that if the receiver can, needs  (and wants) to take deep stretching or substantial  pressure, I’d give a “hard” massage. And “soft,” if otherwise.

Nevertheless, I would rather prefer the words “intense” and “mild.” When I need to “go deep” it generally takes a lot of both my and the receiver’s energies and I would call that an “intense” massage.

When on the other hand limits are reached with little effort or (for whatever reason) not reached or crossed, I would generally experience the session as “mild.”

But don’t get me wrong now— that still doesn’t mean I would ask the receiver if he or she wants an “intense” or a “mild” one. I never ask. I just give. A tough one.

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