Finding the Truth behind Appearances

Published: May 4, 2023
Edited by: Team TB

Finding the Truth behind Appearances

To realize that all truths are no-truths is a first, essential step to getting rid of them. When you’ve logically asserted the truth of no-truths, then that truth will be able to finally burn down the entire construct of artifice.

What was first perhaps only a logical understanding becomes simple clarity … knowing, and for that to finally happen, time is our only enemy. Our friend also, because it could take just one day, or a long fifty years.

If you understand deeply, clearly, that all concepts, all ideas and ideals, all thoughts of mankind throughout the whole of history will not set you free, if you understand that without any doubt arising, than that will prepare you for ultimate desperation.

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And that existential crisis is the grounds for something new. In fact, the grounds for something old. Something forgotten. Something that was once there, in our childhood, but subconsciously, yet now, coming to the surface consciously in full awareness.

It’s not of the same quality; it’s of an “improved” quality … for as from then on we live truth being aware of it. That awareness itself is truth also. It’s a higher truth. One that surpasses living the truth passively, becoming an “active” truth.

Passing from an intellectual truth to a living truth is a deep mystery. It not something that can be understood rationally. It’s something that “happens” despite of all that happened before.

It can’t be forced, it can’t be methodized, it can’t be learned, and it can’t be taught. There’s no how. It simply comes about when all so-called “certainties” have been cast away.

What then shows is a living truth. That itself has nothing to do with certainties, but all with having surrendered to the higher truth of uncertainty. The truth that life is not something that can be controlled, manipulated, or explained.

It’s the eternal truth that life is not a “thing,” not something moving or not-moving, changing or unchanging, but simply what-is-there — me, you, the world — just right before your eyes.

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