Self-Realization Is Realizing what We Are – Ad Infinitum

Published: Sep 21, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Self-Realization is Realizing What We Are - Ad Infinitum

Self-Realization is to realize what we are. It’s finding the truth behind appearances. It’s to realize that we are not what we thought we were. It’s to find that whatever we think we are is merely an unclear reflection of what-we-really-are.

What-we-are is simply seeing what-we-are. It’s realizing it ad infinitum, and moreover, effortlessly. Seeing it is being it, and it’s there all around us, just here, just right before our eyes.

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Self-Realization can only come about when the search for realization has ended. It then shows its face suddenly and unexpectedly as the realization of what-is-the-case, not being a question and not an answer either.

It’s there when both questions and answers have lost their validity. It is not a theoretical enterprise. It’s a living thing, experimental, proving itself on a day-to-day basis. Not as a need to prove, but self-evident proof through clarity and its grace as a profound peace of mind.

It’s like an ocean silent and calm in its endless depths, but violently moved by the winds on its surface. Unchangeable and solid in its center, fluid and breakable in its expression.

Realization doesn’t mean turning our backs to the world. On the contrary, it’s looking at the world intensely, seeing it for what it is. It’s letting all come in unblocked, unfiltered, fully mirroring its presence through essence.

It’s not becoming a saint either. It’s becoming both saint and devil. It’s not becoming calm and inactive. It’s becoming a raging bull resting. It’s becoming a vehicle of both the known and unknown.

Realization is to realize what we are. It’s being the truth behind appearances.

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