Family Life and Sibling Doula

Published: Jul 1, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Family with baby and two siblings

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In this post, we discuss the goals and tasks of the Family Life Doula and Sibling Doula. We take these two specializations together because they obviously overlap with each other.

Family Life Doula

The Family Life Doula assists in navigating and integrating the arrival of newborn babies within families.

They support the birthing person, but likewise the partner, and siblings, if applicable. That is, they support the entire family providing emotional support, encouragement, guidance, and practical help, thereby lowering family stress levels and promoting integration and adaption to the new situation.

The role of this Doula has many similarities with both the Postpartum Doula and Sibling Doula, actually being a kind of combination of the two.

Sibling Doula

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The Sibling Doula is usually a Birth Doula who’s also a trained child care professional providing child care to the new baby’s older sibling(s).

The Sibling Doula will typically be on call to assist at any time of day or night when labor begins, and will stay with the older siblings until shortly after birth.

Moreover, the Doula will handle all the necessary logistics and practical issues, such as transportation, feeding and care for the siblings while the parent(s) is/are busy with labor and birth.

The Sibling Doula may also help the siblings to understand the labor and birth process in an age-appropriate manner, preparing them emotionally for the baby’s arrival.

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