Role and Tasks of the Postpartum Doula | After Birth Services and Support

Published: Jun 29, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Postpartum woman, baby, and Doula

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The tasks of a Postpartum Doula — also called Postnatal Doula or After Birth Doula — are to give non-medical, physical, informational, logistical, practical, educational and emotional support to their client, the newborn baby, and their family, typically in their home, in the first weeks after childbirth.

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The Postpartum Doula can help the family with emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, for instance by providing help with bonding issues, parenting, care for the mother (which can be very important in the case of cesarean delivery or any other birth complication), newborn care (bathing, diapering, soothing, dressing, swaddling, sleeping, feeding, breastfeeding guidance, and so on), sibling care (if applicable), abdominal binding, running errands, massage treatments, and taking care of meal preparation and household organization.

In addition, the Doula may inform the mother and her family about community and other medical or non-medical resources that can come to help in the postpartum period and with parenting. Mind that a Postpartum Doula is not only for new mothers, but also for those who are already parents.

The time a Postpartum Doula stays with a family may vary significantly; from a few hours here or there during the first week to maybe every day for three months or longer as long as the family needs or wants. The Doula’s services may also include nighttime services.

As a whole, it depends on how much time the Doula spends with a family as for what tasks they (can) perform, which is typically agreed upon beforehand with the family.

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