Crystal Clear Clarity – Seeing What Is

Published: Dec 3, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Crystal Clear Clarity - Seeing What Is

When we look through a dirty window, we obviously don’t see clearly. No need to say that we must first get rid of the stains and filth to be able to have a clear view.

And likewise, when we look in a dirty mirror, we don’t clearly see ourselves. Here also — we need to first polish the mirror in order to obtain a clear reflection.

If we want to see “what really happens” in the world, and with us, ourselves, we will need to remove the obstacles that inhibit our view.

Yet, as simple as that sounds, it will prove to be quite difficult to actually do so.

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The reason to that is that we don’t see the stains; we actually don’t see the dirt. Moreover, even if we see all the filth, we are convinced that it is what really happens … that stains are part of what is real.

Things can change only when we come to understand that the things we usually perceive, the things we take for granted, are in fact obstacles that hinder us to see clearly.

The so-called “way out” is to understand that the things we see are what the world, our society, our culture, our education wants us to see.

But when we really see, without any concept, judgment, or ideas, we just see what’s there in truth. It’s a non-dual approach to observing phenomena, may they be material or mental. Perhaps seeing uninhibitedly will disgust us, or maybe we will be in awe, but we’ll have lost the urge to understand intellectually and the wish to control.

The need to understand and to control is imposed on us through our educational mold. It’s a need which we ourselves again impose on our children, friends, family, and on the world around us.

Crystal clear clarity is seeing without any obstruction. Without anything coming in from “our educational background showing itself on the foreground.” That clarity itself will blast away all we think we know or believe in.

That will not only liberate us, it will also “give us the world.” It will give us an unstained window, a freshly polished mirror, reflecting what truly is.

And “what is” is simply this clarity. Total crystal clear clarity. It’s the only thing that really is. It’s what’s real — and makes living life effortlessly.

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