Boycotting the System and Why it Never Works

Published: Sep 30, 2022 | Revised: Feb 17, 2023
Written by: Marce Ferreira

Boycotting the System and Why it Never Works

Some people are so fed up with how things work in this world that they embark on “boycotting the system” or “boycotting society’s way of life and living.” And, of course, that’s only sensible, a valid reaction on the “state of affairs.”

And things would certainly work if people would really do so, but — and it’s a big “but” — I feel that it will never happen. It cannot happen because when things “get down to it” people are simply too scared to act.

They’re not only scared to lose what they have (even if it’s not much) but moreover, they’re manipulated by the media, by governments, by very rich or powerful people and organizations, and all the sorts, making them think and feel that things how they are now constitute the best and preferred way of life, or perhaps “the best of worse.”

And, besides that, if people don’t “listen” but instead rebel, well, then they’re very often punished with poverty, insults, isolation, or harassment, or sometimes even worse — with imprisonment, torture, and killings.

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I’m not pessimistic, I rather feel I’m realistic. Indeed, sometimes there are uprisings, movements, “revolutions,” but they’re always short-lived, and soon enough things “go back to normal,” at best being encapsulated in new forms outwardly, but fundamentally with the same oppressive essence. I always point to human history as proof, and — to the present condition of society.

The future of a happy mankind, as far as I’m concerned, is in the individual who goes “beyond society and systems.” It’s on a personal level, and not on a group, social, political, or ideological level. The latter never works, has never worked, because people eventually give in to their personal fears and habits and are not able to really “let go.” Instead, human beings hold and cling, or deny and flee, especially when things get really tough. Ultimately, people tend to conform to the status quo.

I think that real change or “liberation” starts with casting away all concepts, ideas, religions, and ideology. It starts with getting rid of the psychological past. Of this whole burdensome past of humanity. Becoming free, individually, on a personal level. It means embarking on a whole new way of life. And maybe then something new can blossom and spread, a bit, from out the energy (or radiation) of a liberated human being. From out the factual way of life of that person.

But that will never take form as a system, a creed, or another utopia. It will never reach “the masses.” It will rather be the living quality of an individual human being, one who succeeded to not take any method or system as an authority or base of measurement.

It will never be a global thing. But it doesn’t need to be either. And it’s not something to regret. It’s like the flowers and fruits of a huge tree appearing only rarely, periodically. Still, the whole tree was needed: the roots, the branches, the leaves, the seasons, and patience.

The fruits finally give seeds. And the seeds will start a new tree. Eventually. Inevitably. And with that — justice is done. And life has succeeded.

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