Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Schools and Training Course Events in India

Published | Updated February 28, 2019

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Schools and Training Course Events in India
Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM), also called Ayurveda Yoga Massage, is actually not a traditional Indian bodywork modality. Well… it is and it isn’t. It’s a hybrid, a combination of two other traditional healing methods from India: Yoga and Ayurveda medicine. In fact, it combines breath-work, traditional Indian Deep Tissue Massage, and Yoga-Based Stretching Therapies.

AYM was developed by Master Kusum Modak from Pune, India, in the early 1980s. Seeing the work, one cannot avoid noticing the resemblance with Traditional Thai Massage (Thai Yoga Massage). Both are done on the floor on a mat, both use yogic stretches, yet, one of the important differences is that an AYM practitioner also uses Ayurvedic herbal oils and medicinal powders for their healing properties.

Anyway, although there are certainly some AYM training providers giving courses and classes in India, the modality is basically bigger outside India than within the country. Below, in this article, we give an overview of the Ayurveda Yoga Massage schools and trainers offering training courses in India.

Aithein Ayurveda Massage School

Aithein Ayurveda Massage School is a well known academy to learn Ayurveda in India. The school provides professional Ayurveda training and massage therapy cours [Read More...]

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Institute UK

The AYM Institute UK is founded by James Winstanley. The institute, James Winstanley and Adam Divine, offers Ayurvedic Yoga Massage courses and training in Bris [Read More...]

Indian Institute of Ayurvedic Yoga Massage | Ananta

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage ARYM Institute was founded by Ananta Sylvain Girard. Ananta offers Ayurvedic Yoga Massage courses and training in India and in variou [Read More...]

Kerala Ayurved Chikitsalayam | KAC

Kerala Ayurved Chikitsalayam was established in 1996 for Ayurvedic treatments, training and promotion of Ayurveda. The center is founded and run by Dr. Mrs. Son [Read More...]

Master Kusum Modak | Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (AYM) (or Ayurveda Yoga Massage) combines breathwork, traditional Indian Deep Tissue Massage and Yoga-Based Stretching Therapies. The AYM [Read More...]

Mogu School

The Mogu School, founded and run by Ranjeet Mogu, offers a variety of treatments and trainings—Thai Massage, Traditional Ayurveda Massages, Ayurveda Yoga [Read More...]

Nritya Yoga

Nritya Yoga offers meditative Dance training, Yoga, and Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training courses (lineage Master Kusum Modak) in Pune, India. [Read More...]

Rasovai Massage Training Center

Rasovai (also: Raso Vai) in India offers Ayurveda Yoga Massage, Ayurbalance, and Yoga and Meditation trainings, among other Hybrid Ayurvedic course modalities. [Read More...]

Rishikul Ayurshala

Rishikul Ayurshala is located in Trivandrum, Kerala and offers training courses and treatments in Ayurveda and Yoga. Some of the training courses offered are th [Read More...]

Sahasi Breast Care

Sahasi Breast Care offers courses, trainings, Breast Massage, therapies in Yoga, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage, Meditations & Meditative Therapies as well as Welf [Read More...]

Seed Ayurvedic Massage

Seed Ayurvedic Massage offers Meditation, Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and Wassage Water Therapy training and treatments. [Read More...]

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