Ayurveda Training Courses and Workshops in Bali | Indonesia

Published | Updated September 27, 2019

Ayurveda Training Courses and Workshops in Bali | Indonesia
As for the religion, the island of Bali is quite an exception in Indonesia – the majority of Indonesia adheres to the Islamic religion (87% of the population), but on Bali almost 85% of the inhabitants follows the Indian Hindu religion.

Of course, with this strong Indian influence one would expect an abundance of treatments and training in the Indian Ayurvedic Healing Arts. Nevertheless, most of the trainers only offer Shiroabhyanga, Abhyanga, and Shirodhara trainings, the more common treatment modalities which are popular in spas, wellness centers and retreats around the globe.

In this post we list the schools and trainers in Bali that offer Ayurveda training modalities, such as Indian Head Massage (Shiroabhyanga), Full Body Oil Massage (Abhyanga), Shirodhara (pouring liquids over the forehead), Ayurvedic Cooking, Lifestyle, Ayurveda Diets & Nutrition, and the like.

Trainers offering Ayurveda Courses & Workshops

Amrtasiddhi | The Ayurveda & Yoga Health Centre
Amrtasiddhi is located in Ubud, Bali. The center offers on-site accommodation and Ayurveda treatments, consultations, full-service program packages with a varie [More details...]
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Bali International Spa Academy
The Bali International Spa Academy (BISA) in Indonesia offers a broad variety of international professional spa massage, bodywork and aesthetics education, incl [More details...]

Jamu Spa School
The Jamu Spa School offers education in professional spa and massage training. Offers Indonesian, Western Spa style and Thai Massage training, among other bodyw [More details...]
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Nusa Dua Spa | Sekar Jagat
Nusa Dua Spa in Nusa Dua Jimbaran offers spa treatments and spa training courses, such as Balinese massage, Ayurvedic massages and treatments, and aesthetics an [More details...]

Reeva Spa School
The Reeva Spa School in Bali is a full-service spa massage treatment and learning center offering a wealth of bodywork course modalities, including Thai Massage [More details...]
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Sekar Jagat Spa Bali
Sekar Jagat Spa Bali, founded by Ms. Ibu Indri, offers a variety of spa treatments and training courses in Nusa Dua, Bali. [More details...]

Spa Bali International Academy
The Spa Bali International Academy (SBIA) is an integrated learning facility for aspiring spa therapists to gain nationally accredited certification for employm [More details...]
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