Traditional Mother and Child Care Treatments in Thailand

Published: Sep 15, 2019 | Revised: Feb 16, 2023
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Traditional Mother and Child Care Treatments in Thailand

In Thailand, there’s a broad variety of traditional healing, supportive and restorative treatments that address mother and child care. Generally spoken, one could say that those treatments all belong to Thai Traditional Midwifery practices (Moh Tum Yae), but in this post we give an outline of when exactly the individual modalities are applied in the cycle of pre-pregnancy to postnatal period.


In this stage, general Thai Massage and Thai herbal therapies may be taken regularly, even if there are no health issues at all; just simply as a form of maintenance, strengthening body and mind, and as preventive medicine.

Yet, if women would like to have a child but encounter issues with their fertility or sexuality they may engage in traditional therapeutic treatments that can help resolve these problems. Think of treatments like Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage, Karsai Nei Tsang Genital Detox Massage, Ovarian Massage, Thai Womblifting, Yok Thong or Uterus Massage, to name some.

Pregnancy (Antenatal)

When a woman is pregnant the goal of Thai Traditional Midwifery is to prepare her physically, emotionally and mentally on childbirth and motherhood. Here we find modalities such as Thai Pregnancy Massage for Relaxation, Thai Pregnancy Massage for Childbirth (Kud Thong), Buddhist behavioral and other socio-cultural prescriptions, and certain dietary restrictions and recommendations (both for mother and the future child).

Childbirth (Intrapartum)

During childbirth Thai Massage, Foot Massage & Reflexology, Herbs and Herbal compresses may be applied to alleviate pains or to stimulate a quick and smooth delivery.

Postpartum (Postnatal)

The postpartum period clearly boasts most of the available treatments. This stage is characterized by efforts to revitalize and restore energetic and physical fitness of the mother.

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In the Yu Duan period (afterbirth confinement phase of about thirty days) heat therapies or Yu Fai treatments (taken about a maximum of eleven days) are perhaps the most important restorative healing activities.

In this period the whole gamut of Thai Healing Arts is launched: spiritual guidance, vaginal and body steaming, Sitz baths, fumigation, full body and breast massages, dietary prescriptions, a variety of herbal treatments and compresses, abdominal binding or wrapping, Kon Sau hot stones compresses, Hot Salt Pot treatments, Thai Womblifting and Yok Thong Uterus massage, that is, anything that can help the mother to regain her pre-pregnancy vitality and form.

Additionally, Yu Fai treatments are seen as being very important to prevent various illnesses and health problems for women when getting older (like, for instance, preventing menopausal issues, wrinkles, arthritis or asthma).

Baby & Infant Care

Baby and infant care is characterized by stimulating nursing activities (breastfeeding) such as breast massage and dietary restrictions and prescriptions, but also by giving baby massages, and observing various rules, rituals and customs to ensure the healthy reception and growth of the baby.

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