Taoist Sexual Alchemy Training Courses in Thailand

Published: Sep 4, 2019 | Revised: Jan 26, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Taoist Sexual Alchemy Training Courses in Thailand

Without any doubt, in Thailand, the best known exponent of knowledge about Fangzhongshu Taoist Sexual Practices is Master Mantak Chia. The creator of Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage and Karsai Nei Tsang Genital Detox Therapy is an expert in Taoist practices such as Qigong (Chi Kung), Medical Qigong, Sexual Qigong and Sexual Kung Fu, Tai Chi, and Taoist Sexual Alchemy. He created a complete treatment and training system called the Universal Healing Tao System (UHT).

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In any case, Mantak Chia wrote many books about the subject, and training courses are offered regularly in his renowned Tao Garden Health Spa & Resort in Chiang Mai, Thailand. If he’s not available himself in Thailand – while often being on world tour – one or more of his senior teachers like, for instance, Jutta Kellenberger or Walter Kellenberger are likely to offer trainings in Taoist Sexual Alchemy related subjects. Just check on the Tao Healing Garden website for upcoming courses and workshops.

Another well-known training center in Chiang Mai that offers Taoist Sexual Alchemy training is the Body and Mind Healing center. The place also offers Qigong and Tai Chi classes, among other modalities.

For general Qigong, Medical QiGong and Qigong Meditation training practices you may check out our previous article Qigong and Tai Chi Courses and Classes in Chiang Mai.

Koh Phangan Island is the next biggest hot spot for Taoist Sexual Alchemy courses, although trainings are often given in the form of occasional events by foreign visiting teachers. Most of the time you’ll find courses offered in the tourist high season, say, November up to April.

Examples of retreat hosting centers on Koh Phangan that now and again offer trainings are Samma Karuna and the Sanctuary Thailand. Sometimes you’ll find Taoist trainings at schools or centers that normally offer Tantra trainings. See our previous post Tantra Workshops, Tantra Massage Courses and Tantra Yoga Classes in Thailand for a selection of trainers.

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