Sperm Obstructions in the Male Genital System | Cause and Remedies

Published: Feb 19, 2024
Edited by: Team TB

Sperm cells moving

Sometimes sperm can be blocked in the male genital system and cannot reach the penis, which consequently can become a cause of infertility in men. Common causes for obstructions include repeated infections, surgery, vasectomy, adhesions, tissue constrictions, swelling, or developmental issues.

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Any part of the male reproductive tract can be blocked, may it be the epididymis and vas deferens tubes, or ejaculatory ducts, and so on.

When there’s a blockage, sperm from the testicles can’t reach the urethra, and subsequently it cannot leave the body during ejaculation of semen.

Treatments may consist of surgery or other procedures to remove a blockage. If medical treatments don’t help to clear an obstruction and a man wants to have a baby, they can turn to sperm retrieval procedures and use Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) to fertilize a female egg.

In addition, and depending on the cause, massage and bodywork — typically genital, abdominal, and fertility massages — may also aid in clearing obstructions in veins, arteries, and/or cell tissues.

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