Shiro Abhyanga Indian Head Massage Training Courses in Goa | India

Published | Updated April 11, 2019

Shiro Abhyanga Indian Head Massage Training Courses in Goa | India
The Indian Head Massage, also known as Shiro Abhyanga, Champi or Champissage, is part of the traditional Ayurvedic healing system. This modality, as the name already says, focuses on massaging the head, but also the back shoulders, neck, scalp, face and arms of the receiver.

It’s one of the most popular Ayurvedic treatments for stress relief, but the benefits go much beyond that, from preventing hair loss and calming the respiratory system to reducing eye strain and improving muscle tone and mobility of the head, neck and shoulders.

Shiro Abhyanga (Shiroabhyanga ) is also very much integrated with everyday life in India, being traditionally a family ritual with the techniques passed down across generations. Until today you can see this modality being offered at a barber’s shop or even being practiced at weddings and births. A typical massage can last up to 45 minutes and is performed with the client seated, fully clothed.

In the past fifteen years or so Indian Head Massage has become an integral part on the service menu of many Spas and Wellness treatment centers around the world and a sought-after relaxation and healing massage and bodywork modality.

Below we list all the Ayurvedic Centers, Schools and Academies that offer Indian Head Massage training courses in Goa:

Aithein Ayurveda Massage School

Aithein Ayurveda Massage School is a well known academy to learn Ayurveda in India. The school provides professional Ayurveda training and massage the [Read More...]

ANHC School of Ayurveda

The ANHC School of Ayurveda offers Ayurveda non-academical and academical courses and Panchakarma training. Trainings are divided up in short term, mi [Read More...]

Ayur Clinic Goa

Ayurclinic Goa offers diagnosis and professional ayurvedic treatments. Additionally, an Ayurvedic Intensive course (1 month), Ayurveda Cooking classes [Read More...]

Ayurma Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment Centre

Ayurma has a team of Ayurveda doctors and experienced therapists offering a vast range of Ayurveda treatments. Additionally, Ayurma offers a Certifica [Read More...]

Devaaya Ayurveda and Nature Cure Centre

Devaaya is an upscale Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and Yoga retreat center located on an island off the coast of Goa. In addition, Devaaya offers training c [Read More...]

International Academy of Yoga and Therapeutic Sciences | IAYTS

The International Academy of Yoga and Therapeutic Sciences in Goa offers Yoga (teacher training) and a variety of Ayurveda training certificate course [Read More...]

Rasovai Massage Training Center

Rasovai (also: Raso Vai) in India offers Ayurveda Yoga Massage, Ayurbalance, and Yoga and Meditation trainings, among other Hybrid Ayurvedic course mo [Read More...]

School of Holistic Yoga and Ayurveda (SOHYAA)

SOHYAA in Goa offers broad range of activities, retreats, treatments and trainings in the field of Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, Numerology, Meditation a [Read More...]

SWAN Ayurveda Retreat

SWAN Ayurveda is a facility in Goa on the campus of SWAN Yoga Retreat where healing is the main focus. The center offers Ayurveda treatments and a 15- [Read More...]

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