Sengkak Massage Treatments in Singapore | Womb Massage

Published October 23, 2020 | Updated October 23, 2020

Sengkak Massage Treatments in Singapore | Womb Massage

Sengkak Womb Massage is a traditional Malay-Indonesian genital i.e. reproductive organs treatment for women, popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. It’s an abdominal massage which is primarily about re-setting the uterus to its normal, natural position.

Typically, the treatment is applied for women who prepare for pregnancy, who experience difficulties getting pregnant (infertility issues), or for women in the postpartum period to help re-position and shrink the uterus back in its prenatal state.

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Some other benefits of Sengkak massage are thought to be stimulation of an increased blood circulation to the uterus, cervix and ovaries, promotion of hormonal balance, and the reduction of stress and anxiety.

Below you find the list of the Sengkak Massage treatment providers we’ve located in Singapore.

Sengkak Womb Massage Treatments in Singapore

Aesthetic Jamu Spa
Aesthetic Jamu Spa offers Traditional Javanese Massage house-call services in Singapore. For women only. [ ... ]
Babies Laughter
Babies Laughter specializes in a range of massage therapies, such as infant massage, fertility massage, breast care, Tuina Pediatrics, and prenatal and postnatal massages. [ ... ]
Confinement Care Malaysia
Confinement Care Malaysia offers various types of confinement care services, such as Live-in Confinement Services, Day Time Confinement Services, Chinese Confinement Services, Malay Con [ ... ]
Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage
Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage in Singapore was founded by Mdm Zuria who is a Professional Massage Therapist with proficiency in Therapeutic Body Massage, PreNatal and PostNatal Mass [ ... ]
Home Massage SG
Home Massage SG in Singapore offers Prenatal massages, Jamu Postpartum treatments services and Vaginal Ganggang Steaming services, among other modalities. [ ... ]
House of Traditional Javanese Massage & Beauty Care
House of Traditional Javanese Massage & Beauty Care is a renowned Javanese Wellness Chain in Singapore operating since 1999. The chain has several branches in Singapore and in Malay [ ... ]
Mummy’s Fertility
Mummy's Fertility, from founder Salwa Salim, is based in Singapore and provides pregnancy, postpartum and fertility services. Salwa also founded Mummy’s Massage. [ ... ]
Mummy’s Massage
Mummy's Massage, from founder Salwa Salim, is based in Singapore and provides pregnancy, postpartum and fertility services. Salwa also founded Mummy’s Fertility. [ ... ]
My Bidan | Postnatal & Wellness
My Bidan Postnatal & Wellness is a large mobile spa and in-home postnatal care provider in Singapore. For over 13 years, My Bidan provides traditional Malay postnatal care and welln [ ... ]
Therapists On Wheels
Therapists On Wheels (TOW) specializes in baby massage, prenatal, and postnatal massages in Singapore. TOW combines both Eastern and Western techniques in our postnatal massage treatmen [ ... ]
Urut Urut Tradisional
Urut Urut Tradisional offers a range of Javanese authentic massages in Singapore, including full body massages, prenatal and postnatal massages, and Sengkak massages. [ ... ]
Warisan Massage & Postnatal Center
Warisan Massage & Postnatal Center is established to assist women of all ages to improve their wellness. Warisan offers services and treatments either at their shop or at home. Spec [ ... ]
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