Quantum Shiatsu | Balancing and Integrating Energetic Layers

Published: Apr 22, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

Quantum Shiatsu | Balancing and Integrating Energetic Layers

Quantum Shiatsu is a style of Shiatsu Massage Therapy developed by Pauline Sasaki in the 1990s.

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Departing from Masunaga’s Zen Shiatsu, Pauline extended her Shiatsu style with quantum physics principles, the theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, and metaphysics, strongly focusing on the concept of “energetic layers” within and around a person’s body, being part of a so-called “ether body,” which again is embedded in a larger “astral body.”

Quantum Shiatsu works with the Meridians, Tsubo acupressure points, Ki Life Energy, and Chakras in an “expansive” way, making space in the body, and activating the layers of energy in/on and off/around the body. Quantum Shiatsu doesn’t aim at directly “fixing” something, but rather aligns the client’s energy with what is strong and expansive in them.

The Quantum Shiatsu therapist uses a so-called “One Meridian” system, in which all twelve classical Meridians are perceived as being connected with each other in a single energetic flow. As such, accessing the energy in one Meridian can activate so-called “Quantum Coherence”, which eliminates excessive energy from problem areas, while balancing and increasing healthy energy.

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