Puppet On a String | The Person’s Enlightenment

Published: Oct 3, 2022
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Puppet On a String | Spiritual Enlightenment

This thing we like to call “Spiritual Enlightenment” is surrounded by a whole set of myths. Not only on how to “reach” or “become” it, but also on how an “Enlightened being” supposedly functions or should function.

But then, the first thing we need to forget about is the notion that one can reach or become Enlightened. It’s not possible.

It’s impossible because this whole Enlightenment-business is an impersonal phenomenon. As it is, only a person can reach, become, or aim at something. But Enlightenment has nothing whatsoever to do with that.

What we call the “person” exists before and after Spiritual Enlightenment, although the person may change in the way it expresses itself. That change is due to a change in attention, in focus. Awareness shifts from the foreground (presence) to the background (essence).

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The foreground is the person, the phenomena, but the background is that which energetically feeds the person … feeds the world, feeds life and living.

The person is not “destroyed” after Enlightenment. The Ego is not gone or evaporated. Nothing is destroyed. Yet there’s some sort of transformation.

But this “transformation” is not the cause of Enlightenment, it’s the result of Enlightenment. We don’t need to change to “become” Enlightened. It’s Enlightenment that changes our personal expression. Naturally, inevitably, surely.

Enlightenment is our natural, spontaneous, normal state of being. It’s not something fancy, difficult, mythical, or mystical. Enlightenment is this “state” where one is simply being stripped off from all artificiality.

It’s a living thing, a living quality, much like living the childlike stance.

Enlightenment is innocent, is emptiness, is void from all loads and heaviness, is total reflection of what-is. It’s being here and now, although the past and future can still be reflected on an “imaginary” level.

Enlightenment is always present. It’s our intrinsic background slowly but surely getting focus on the foreground.

The person is still a person. The person laughs and cries, eats and drinks. Is still funny, or a bore. Yet, the person starts to express their background. Not because of the person, but because of its background becoming foreground.

The person is like a “puppet on a string.” It acts through the will of greater powers. First through the powers of civilization, culture, and education — and then, after realization — through the power of its genuine background. Its real Master.

It’s not the person who surrenders to a greater power. It’s the greater power that realizes its own being. Not by being a person, but by expressing itself.

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