Papworth Method | Diaphragmatic Breathing for Hyperventilation

Published: Aug 25, 2023
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Papworth Method | Diaphragmatic Breathing for Hyperventilation

The Papworth Method is a Diaphragmatic Breathing technique developed in the 1960s in the Papworth Hospital in the United Kingdom.

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It specifically aims at avoiding Chest Breathing, and incorporates consistent Nose Breathing, relaxation exercises, integration of breathing and relaxation techniques into daily living activities, breathing education, and home exercises to help improve breathing patterns and combat hyperventilation i.e. over-breathing.

The core idea behind the practice is that over-breathing causes stress, anxiety, and depression, and that a proper, slow Abdominal Breathing technique accompanied with a longer out-breath can help to overcome those.

Additional benefits may include an improvement of mood and disposition, a decrease of the symptoms of respiratory illnesses (asthma, bronchitis, and so on), and alleviation of a variety of dysfunctional breathing patterns.

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