No Business like No Business – Not Yours nor Mine

Published: Sep 25, 2022 | Revised: Oct 6, 2023
Written by: Marce Ferreira

No Business like No Business - Not Yours nor Mine

I’m doing business, but it isn’t business really. It’s no-business. No business at all. It isn’t your business either, as it isn’t mine. It’s merely that things happen and we find ourselves being actors in a mysterious, never-ending play.

One can consider that a fatalistic way of looking at things, but I consider it true and truth. And in fact — I’d say — this whole business started by being born without even wanting it.

Of course, some people say that we want to be born, and even from specific parents indeed, in a certain time and environment, and such. But there’s really no proof of that, isn’t there? It’s more likely one belief among many others.

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But me, well, I’m doing no business. Not any longer. I’ve stopped doing it. Stopped exchanging things, stopped giving and taking, investing and reaping; actually, I’ve stopped wanting results.

I’ve stopped doing business because I’ve discovered I’ve no real control whatsoever on things happening or on their outcome — whatever I do or don’t do.

It doesn’t mean I can’t act though. I certainly can. But what happens afterwards is highly unpredictable. That isn’t a problem if we’re able to genuinely accept whatever is given — or taken, for that matter.

By contrast, if we confine ourselves to a rigid, self-thought, safe enclosure — a preset way of life, things can become rather predictable. And then, things become business. And business always has a price.

But by not doing business there’s nothing to carry, nothing to protect, and nothing to lose. The only thing one might gain is freedom. Feeling alive. Living life. Being continuously aware of manifold, dynamic expression. Absolute certainty of complete uncertainty.

It’s big business you know, all that. But not really. It’s no-business at all. Nobody can really make it so. Not yours or mine anyway.

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