Kati Abhyanga | Ayurveda Back Massage

Published: Jun 10, 2021 | Updated: Jun 10, 2021

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Kati Abhyanga | Ayurveda Back Massage

Kati Abhyanga is an Indian Ayurveda massage treatment for the back. It’s in fact an Abhyanga Oil Massage which only treats the back, shoulders, neck and arms.

Like with a full body Abhyanga treatment, warm herbal oils are used to apply the massage. It’s not uncommon that Kati Abhyanga is also accompanied by applying warm herbal poultices (herbal compresses) called Kizhi Bolus Therapy in India.

Additionally, marma point acupressure techniques are used to treat therapeutic points along the spine.

Benefits of Kati Abhyanga include relief of back pains and sciatic pains, alleviation of general spine problems, relief of pains caused by spondylosis (age-related degenerative spinal disc disease and osteoarthritis), reduction of back stiffness and back muscles tensions, general relaxation and stress relief.

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