Fundal Uterine Massage | Abdominal Massage

Published: Nov 18, 2020 | Updated: May 7, 2021

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Fundal Uterine Massage
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Fundal Massage is also called Uterine Massage, and it’s applied to diminish or to prevent postpartum hemorrhaging (bleeding) after childbirth or after an abortion, to expel excessive blood clots, and encourage the uterus to contract to its pre-pregnancy size.

It’s defined as a therapeutic massage where the uterus is rubbed through manual massaging of the abdomen. This massage is typically sustained until the bleeding stops or the uterus contracts.

It’s a firm massage performed by placing one hand on the top of the uterus on the lower abdomen and squeeze and rub in a downward and inward direction. The massage is external, although one hand can be placed inside the vagina also to compress the two uterine arteries.

While of short duration, it’s usually a rather painful treatment. Typically, it’s given immediately after delivery of the placenta, every 10 minutes for about 60 minutes (until bleeding stops).

Mind that the Fundal Massage is not done routinely after child delivery in a systematic way, but rather on an “if needed” basis.

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