External and Internal De-Armoring Techniques

Published: Apr 10, 2024
Edited by: Team TB

External head de-armoring of a woman

Apart form the difference between Full Body De-Armoring and Partial Body De-Armoring, one also finds the difference between external and internal De-Armoring.

External work is performed on the outside of the body, and internal work on the inside of the body, the latter typically performed by entering the body.

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External work involves working with the entire outside of the body, such as the head, face, neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back, pelvis, buttocks, arms and legs. As for internal work, think of the inside of the mouth, the throat, vagina, cervix, anal canal, rectum, and prostate gland.

Do mind that some practitioners only De-Armor the body externally, so that’s something to be taken into account when choosing a De-Armoring therapist or practitioner.

Often, therapists will first start with external Body De-Armoring to then later (usually after several sessions) move on to internal De-Armoring. The idea here is that De-Armoring should first start with the superficial layers of the Armor (which is easier and also lets the client get used to the work), before heading on to the deeper layers.

Internal De-Armoring is often more intense and highly intimate, in many cases connected to sexual trauma. To have consent of the client is always imperative, but to De-Armor someone internally there needs to be really absolute clarity about what is to be expected to prevent disappointment, dissatisfaction, or worse — adding to the client’s trauma.

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