Book about Yoga Nadis – Prana Life Force Channels

Published: Jan 13, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Image with Yoga Nadi Energy Channels and Chakras

Last year, we published an in-depth book about the Nadis, the Prana Life Force Channels known from Yoga. In this post, we tell you a bit about the content and how it came about.

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Yoga Nadis Energy Channels - eBook

The reason why I wrote this work — available as an eBook — is my background in Thai Massage and my interest in the Sip Sen Energy Lines (the ten Life Force Energy pathways in the Thai healing arts). In fact, it’s rather obvious that the Sip Sen (also written Sen Sip or Sib Sen) are heavily based on the Yoga Nadis, and hence my interest in knowing more about the latter.

Nevertheless, when you look around on the Internet you will quickly notice that there’s very little information to be found on the Prana Nadis. Sure, you will find tons of (often not so good) articles about Ida Nadi, Pingala Nadi, and Sushumna Nadi, but that’s mostly it. Yet, there are many more Nadis in the body, each with their specific functions and trajectories, but knowledge about those is rather sparse.

Three Principal NadisMoreover, there’s a lot of conflicting information about the Nadis, and subsequently you’ll find that their locations and trajectories are often unclear and arguable. My study on the topic showed me that the cause of this mainly arises from the various classical Yoga texts, which frequently seem to contradict each other.

In our book, we don’t beautify or hide this fact, but take an objective approach. That is, the outcomes in our Yoga Nadi book are based on an extensive exploration of the classical Indian texts and scriptures about Yoga, notably those that supply information about the Nadis.

Hastijihva NadiIn the book, I discuss Nadi concepts, history, closely related theories, Nadi practices and applications. Furthermore, I dive deeply into the pathways, locations, charts, and functions of the fourteen principal Nadis, each Nadi accompanied with citations of the references I’ve encountered in ancient Yoga sources.

The Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines system has further helped me significantly in providing plausible viewpoints on the background, make-up, and potential trajectories of the major Nadis. Hence, apart from Nadi location charts, I’ve also added charts and brief descriptions of the Sen Energy Lines to the book.

All together, I think this has become quite an informative and unique book about the Nadis, one that can greatly enrich one’s understanding of the Yoga practice and/or enhance one’s Yoga teaching competencies. In addition, I feel that deeper knowledge of the Yoga Nadi Energy Channels can be a great supplement to the theory and practical application of the Thai Sib Sen Energy Lines.

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