Biodynamic Massage and Psychology | by Gerda Boyesen

Published: Jul 18, 2021 | Revised: Mar 31, 2024
Edited by: Marce Ferreira

Biodynamic Massage | by Gerda Boyesen

Biodynamic Massage was developed in Norway in the 1950s by Gerda Boyesen. The massage treatment is part of a broader system that Gerda developed, called Biodynamic Psychology and Psychotherapy.

It’s a truly holistic massage modality that works at and integrates all aspects of an individual, that is, his or her physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects in relationship to each other.

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The movement and circulation of Life Energy is one of the core concepts of Biodynamic massage, alongside theories based on Reichian energy theory (from Wilhelm Reich, a well-known Austrian psychoanalyst) and similarities to traditional Asian ideas of Life Energy. Biodynamic Massage considers individuals as energetic beings, and health is seen as a function of the unobstructed flow of Life Energy.

Much focus is put on understanding an illness. Notably the emotional aspects that give rise to physical health issues play an important role in the approach.

Biodynamic Massage doesn’t use oils and the massage can be given through clothing. The treatment is typically done on a massage table, with the hands.

A variety of massage techniques may be used, such as deep tissue work, “listening” to the body, acupressure, lifting, holding, connective tissue massage, and stretches. The treatment is rather applied from the core to the periphery of the body, rather than in the direction of the heart.

The massage is thought to be effective to treat pathologies such as headaches, pains, anxiety, stress, insomnia, depression, under-toned muscles, arthritis, emotional trauma, and tensed muscles, to give some examples.

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