What Is Kashmiri Tantra Massage?

Published: Jul 29, 2020
Edited by: Team TB

Kashmiri Tantra Massage

You may have noticed that you will sometimes find Kashmiri Tantra Massage treatments or trainings offered, instead of simply Tantra Massage.

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As it is, I have done some research on the topic and honestly, I cannot find any reliable references about the existence of a Kashmiri Tantra Massage tradition. Moreover, as mentioned in one of my other articles, there’s no evidence at all (so far) of any “Tantra Massage” tradition in ancient or even medieval India.

Nevertheless, if I cannot find evidence, that doesn’t mean it didn’t exist, but for now I would prefer to rather see this type of Tantra Massage as honoring Kashmir Shaivism (Trika Shaivism) which is a lineage of Tantra emerging around 850 CE in the Kashmir region (Northern India). Maybe it’s thought that Kashmiri Tantra Massage sessions contain some specific elements and rituals of Kashmir Shaivism, which, by the way, is a rather complex and very structured practice of Tantra.

Anyway, when you try to find descriptions of Kashmiri Tantra Massage on the Internet with treatment providers and trainers, you will see some similarities: the aim of opening and/or replenishing all Chakras, the aim of sexual healing (rather than sexual pleasure), and the fact that it’s more intense than a “normal” Tantra Massage due to the massage techniques used. As for the rest, it seems to contain all other typical elements of a regular Tantra Massage.

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