Udaraveshtana Postpartum Abdominal Binding

Published | Updated February 15, 2020

Udaraveshtana Postpartum Abdominal Binding
Udaraveshtana or Udara Vestana is an Indian Ayurvedic treatment procedure which is practiced as a care given in the postpartum confinement period.

The term Udaraveshtana is composed of two different words – Udara (abdomen) and Veshtana (wrapping a cloth), which together mean to wrap a cloth in a tightly manner around the abdominal area to regain the strength and structure of the abdomen after childbirth. It’s also supposed to support bringing back the uterus to its normal place.

Other benefits include abdominal excess fat reduction, postural enhancements, abdominal muscle toning, internal organs and back support.

The treatment usually starts 4 to 6 days after a normal vaginal delivery and 7 to 10 days after a C-section. It’s not done when the uterine still bleeds, when there are abdominal rashes, or unhealed wounds after a C-section.

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