The Loser Takes it All

Published: Sep 9, 2022
Edited by: Team TB

The Loser Takes it All

It’s sometimes said that the world is divided into two kinds of people: winners and losers. And that “ … the winner takes it all!”

I suppose that may be true — the winner gets loaded with money, property, anxiety, and responsibilities. And the loser gets nothing. Losers are free of all loads, unless they think they need to be winners.

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But then, who’s better off?

I guess that the more one takes, the less one can take in the long run. There are always limits in both what and how much one can carry and finally … we can only but crash under the weight.

Unless, one would take and give away. On the other hand, well, doing that would make one a loser!

Being a big winner and fully loaded means that there will be no room for new cargo. It means we’re stuck and hindered to experience or gain new things. Other things.

And that’s a strange paradox — because experiencing, gaining, taking, and getting new and more were exactly the goals winners had set before them.

It means that to become a real winner one has to become a real loser. One has to give it all, to take it all.

It seems it’s the way life works — in paradoxes. In order to gain we need to let go, and to live we need to let die, and in order “to find” ourselves we need to stop searching for it.

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